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Sounds like sweet honey flowing over rocks ...

Colbie Marie Caillat (pronounced k+ohl+bee kal+lay) is a young American singer/songwriter that debuted her hit single "Bubbly" in 2007 followed by a full album that summer titled after her own nickname "Coco".  She's known for her simple, soft voice and smooth, catchy rhythms. Aside from singing, she also plays Accoustic-folk guitar.  Common misspellings include Colby for her first and Caillet for her last name.

She was born May 28th, 1985 in Newbury Park, California and grew up in Malibu. Her father, Ken Caillat, is a music producer, best known for producing Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Tusk albums. During her childhood, she studied piano and vocals. As a teenager, producer Mikal Blue hired Colbie to sing background vocals on techno music to be used for fashion shows. Blue and Caillat began writing together in 2004.  She became a fresh new face in contemporary music primarily through her MySpace profile, which saw millions of visitors and prompted a signing on Universal Records.

While Ms. Caillat's songs may initially be categorized as pop, the more you listen to them the deeper you will go into folk and soul. Her strengths sound out easily on a smooth accoustic guitar and soothing vocals. Colbie's own ability to play and write is exposed in tightly integrated music, lyrics, and singing. Combined with a zest for life and a desire to connect with her fans, not too mention a pretty face, there is no limits to where we think she can go.

In 2008, she recorded "Lucky", a duet with Jason Mraz that remained popular on the charts through 2009. In 2009, she won the Teen Music Award for her album Coco. Her sophmore release Breakthrough immediately hit the top of the charts when released in August 2009. The new CD includes world renown guitarist David Becker on two tracks. Becker has worked with her father Ken on several of his own recordings. She is currently busy promoting it on tour.

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Coco and Breakthrough

Coco Songs/Tracks

  1. Oxygen [txt]
  2. The Little Things [txt|vid|demo]
  3. One Fine Wire [txt]
  4. Bubbly [more]
  5. Feelings Show [txt]
  6. Midnight Bottle [txt]
  7. Realize [txt|vid]
  8. Battle [txt]
  9. Tailor Made [txt]
  10. Magic [txt|vid]
  11. Tied Down [txt]
  12. Capri

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